Screening and Evaluation

An art therapy or psychotherapy screening consists of art therapy or psychological assessments parent, child and/or client questionnaires, scoring and analysis. These are all used to gauge whether or not the client might need further assessment, intervention or is suitable for art therapy and/or psychotherapy. 

Evaluation consists of a full art therapy o or psychological assessment and includes reviewing of case history, direct assessment with the individual typically using a standardized evaluation, scoring and analysis, and a comprehensive written report with a therapy plan.


Workshops and Presentations can consist of a variety of topics. I am able to travel to other countries and provide workshops on art therapy, expressive art therapy, parent coaching, inclusive education, self-care and various disorders for schools, educational establishments, hospitals, NGOs, prisons, shelters etc. 

Individual and Group Sessions

Art Therapy Hives

Individual sessions consist of direct one-to-one art therapeutic or psychotherapeutic treatment with the individual. If this is performed with children and adolescents their parent/caregiver feedback, support and communication about sessions. 

Group sessions consist of a group art therapeutic or psychotherapy treatment with 4 individuals or more. In these sessions individuals have a common disorder or need that they explore together through the use of various creative outlets. 

An Art Therapy Hive is a place where individuals can come together to explore any kind of need with the use of the creative process. Through this process individuals are in a group setting, but structure is very relaxed. Individuals come to explore themselves and do not necessarily have to seek additional therapeutic support - the Hive becomes a safe space for them to embark on a journey of exploration 

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